We are currently near the town of Lone Pine, CA. on CA 395. It’s a small town with a rich movie history. Many B Westerns were made out in the Alabama Hills and I will share information my next post. First, we are located in the campground of Tuttle Creek, about 5,000 feet above sea level. The mountains are beautiful! The mountain in the back center is Mt. Whitney, is about 14,000 feet,  which does get snow.Nearby is Owens Lake,  or Owens Reservoir. This Lake was once a thriving, beautiful lake, until a man named Mulholand, diverted all the water to Los Angeles. Now that city uses the water each year until it dries up. The campgrounds on this highway are getting ready for rain and snow.

Before we left Jim went fishing, catching me a beautiful 13 in trout. It was so yummy. We headed out to Bakersfield, CA. a 3 hour drive pulling a trailer. I knew we could find a place to boondock overnight. Boondocking is any place where staying overnight is free. It could be on BLM land, a Walmart, or truck stop. I will continue our progress and more information on my next.

Until then stay safe



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